Recognizing Anxiety Types And Getting The Right Type Of Help

With the constant advancements happening around the world things have developed from being rather simple to a more complicated nature. This does not apply to only materialistic things but also to symptoms, disorders and even diseases. Anxiety issues have become more or less of a common disorder that is present in today’s society. Over time therapists too have been capable of diagnosing different types of this disorder thus following different measures in curing as well. Hence recognizing the type or category it may belong to is important. Here are some types of anxiety;

The panic disorder

This is a disorder associated with extreme panic natures that occurs with an unforeseen repetitive attacks of fear. It is true we all have a constant panicky nature in ourselves. And we tend to develop irrational fears over this. But when this situation worsens over time it may even turn into an attack adding more seriousness to the situation at hand. Here the patient that might be suffering from such an attack may undergo constricting chest pains, sweating and a feeling of being chocked and breathlessness. They may feel as though they are almost about to die. In such cases while it might be wise to avoid things that trigger such attacks, it is even better to seek anxiety counselling, as it will prove to be more worthy than simply avoiding things that may act as triggers.


This is a disorder that is heard about almost everywhere. However though it might take some timeto realize one does have this disorder. Any person would want to check things once or twice for safety purposes, but a constant check or even the need to have things in a perfect manner that is OCD. It is perfectly alright to want to be neat and tidy but if even the slightest disarrangement troubles you beyond how it should, then you might want to think twice on if this is normal. You need to be flexible and able to adjust and over time with some effort you may be able to do so.

PSTD (Post Traumatic Disorder)

This is a disorder built or born due to one having to undergo shocking events of a crash, death of a loved one, assault and many more equally horrifying circumstances. It is true that anyone may be shocked by such events causing a permanent impact on the lives of those that may have witnessed or even undergone these situations. And these experiences create negativity in one’s mind and builds fear over time. It may even lead to being paranoid for the rest of his or her life. In such situations it would be best to visit a psychologist who may be able to help you out with dealing with such experiences.

SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder)

Anyone gets nervous in front of a huge crowd. They may develop stage fright but as years pass by people adjust themselves and get used to the crowd. However though there may be some that cannot adjust at all whatsoever. They feel as though they are been constantly watched thus in turning creating an overwhelming anxiety and extreme self-consciousness. Any person who undergoes such issues could always try one step at a time to get over it or seek professional help.